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ImageNow 6.7 - Post-Upgrade Status Update #2

posted Aug 6, 2013, 12:47 PM by John Brown
Overall, the upgrade continues to go well, with most users being unaffected by any issues. However, we do have a few more items we've been getting reports on. Here is a status update on those items:

Scanning Workstations Prompting for CaptureNow Tokens
Some scanning workstations are showing a prompt the first time someone tries to scan with them. The prompt states: "The token for 'CaptureNow - Adrenaline; is invalid and has been released. The licenses will be checked to see if another token is available." If you see this message, you can click on OK and continue on. If you are asked whether or not to use a CaptureNow Token, click Yes. Each scanning workstation has a CaptureNow License Token associated to it. For an unknown reason, the new version of the ImageNow Client needs to "refresh" this token in some cases. Once this has been done, the prompt will not come up again.

Document Capturing Issues
We have also been getting reports of slowness when scanning or printing documents into ImageNow. In both cases, there is a noticeable lag between when the document is captured and when it actually shows up in workflow. As an additional issue, the delay is causing the sorting to break in the QA workflow queues. Documents are not coming into the queue in the order they were scanned, making the Time in Queue order not match the scan order. As a workaround, if the Scan Date is a column in your queue, you can sort by that to get the appropriate order of documents. We have engaged the ImageNow vendor to see if there are configuration adjustments or another fix that can be done for this.

Missing Workflow "Auto Routes"
We are finding that some conditional or "Auto Routes" are disappearing from some queues. This seems to be an issue where the rules in the route reference the affected queue as a possible destination. Even though we have the rule built in a way where a document will never get routed to and from the same queue, the new version of ImageNow does not allow rules configured this way to be used. We are working on modifying the rules and getting the routes back in place. If you are missing an Auto Route, please contact us at so that we can get your route re-added.