Client Installation - Known Issues

ImageNow - Unable to Create File Error or Program Freezes when Logging In

When launching ImageNow for the first time, you may experience one of the following issues:
  • The program appears to freeze after putting in your user ID and password and trying to sign in
  • The program generates the following error message when trying to log in:

In both cases, the issue appears to be caused by administrator privileges on the computer. 

  • Right-click on the ImageNow desktop icon and left-click on Run as Administrator
  • Log into the client as you normally would
  • Log out and close the client
  • Open the program as you normally would, without clicking on Run as Administrator and log in again
The first step of running as administrator should only need to be run the first time you launch the program after the upgrade installation. The ImageNow client is attempting to create a file it needs to run, but due to security Limitation, it is unable to do so. Once the file is created, the program will run as it normally should.